Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogging as a Tool of PR

Last semester public relations practitioner Cooper Smith, of the Cooper Smith Agency in Dallas, spoke to my Introduction to Public Relations class. He stressed the importance of PR practitioners knowing every single thing about their client or product and constantly scanning the environment for emerging trends within that particular industry.

Blogging has given PR practitioners a quick and easy way to discover trends affecting the specific audience they are trying to connect with. As blogging increases in popularity more and more PR firms are creating blogs to provide another medium to send their message through. According to Media Orchard, blogs offer a unique type of 2-way-communication and have the ability to connect people from all over the world. Never before has a single individual had the power to express themselves and share their opinions so freely.

Wet Feet PR helped me to understand the vital role blogs are playing in today’s PR world.

“Blogs can impact your business or the outcome of a political campaign. Do not ignore them. Do so and you will lose out on potential business deals and your competitors will get ahead. Bottom line is – Blogs are not a fad, Blogs are here to stay.”

I really do believe that blogs are here to stay. Social networking will continue grow as technology advances. Therefore, PR professionals should continue to utilize blogs as another form of expression.

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Prof. Flournoy said...

Katie, be sure to invite Cooper to see your blog...especially since you mention him.