Thursday, February 14, 2008

Emerging Communication Technology

I would consider myself to be an original facebook user. Let me clarify what I mean by “original”. I created my account on facebook when it was only available to students at registered colleges. Back in the day when you could not tag pictures and bumper stickers were still just things you put on your car.

I remember when the facebook buzz began to generate through my dorm room freshman year. I was bored one night and created a profile, within an hour I was a full-fledged facebook addict! By December of my freshman year almost every college kid in America knew what the facebook was. It was a fun way to stay in touch with people but I would have never guessed that facebook would be one of the defining elements of our generation.

It is scary to think that in three short years the term facebook is known by every single person both old and young. Today, anyone can create a facebook account and PR practitioners have taken full advantage of that. The social networking site has given PR practitioners yet another outlet to connect to their target audience. They can also use the service to identify trends and gather research about a specific audience.

As a facebook member I can honestly say I am a bit annoyed by the constant overload of new information that appears on facebook daily. Our society is never satisfied and we are always left wanting more. We view technology in the same way, we can never have enough. I have personally watched the rapid growth of the facebook. It only took three years for it to explode into what it is today and I can only imagine what facebook will look like three years from now.

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